The Acoustic Shell of Brasilia in Grayscale Photography
Underground Subway Details

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megan velasco

I started my career in landscape photography and then eventually moved into architectural photography. I was amazed at the patterns that human hands could produce. I made it my mission to show more of it to the world.


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People walking outside modern building

2022 – The Inaro Museum of Contemporary Art

Man Carrying Suitcase

2023 – The Corner of Dew Drive Street

Greyscale Closeup Photo of Flower

Megan Velasco

spring 2023

A White and Black Abstract Painting

2024 – Resin Patterns by Artist Chun Hei Kim

Woman Standing on Modern Building

2023 – A Singular Path

The eye of Megan Velasco

Cylindrical High-rise Building Under Clear Blue Sky

2025 – Human Eye View

Grayscale Photo of Man Wearing Crew-neck T-shirt Standing While Holding Dslr Camera

Megan Velasco

Associate Creative Director

2021-present, Studio Rallia


2017-2021, Studio Rallia


MA in Professional Photography

2025, Venston Bay Art Institute

BA in Advertising

2017, University of Falworth

Megan Velasco

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Aerial Photography Of Boat In The Middle Of Body Of Water